November 20, 2018 · Scribbles

Things for which I am thankful, today.

One child,
earnest, clung to my arm,
breathed the sacred into my ear:
the book she wanted.

soft, arms outstretched,
check-out number at the ready:
"Dos nueve nueve cinco cinco."

Today instead I reviewed php.

Grown men,
(some women), goodwill outstretched,
debated the sacred into the mic:
"JIRA ticket ten-forty-two."

Me always,
halting, un-self-sure
how to speak of my work:
too much or too little.

Today I met with the rabbi.

"It's about,
what's real, what matters,
what do we want to live forever:
the thing or its shadow?"

In kind,
He says, "it's like G-d,
we still revere the derivative:
it is all we have."

Today the sun sets in two colors.

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